Tom Fishburne is the author of "Your Ad Ignored Here" and illustrated 3 bestselling business books

"If marketing kept a diary,
this would be it."
- Ann Handley

From the birth of social media to digital advertising to personal branding, marketing has transformed in the past two decades. Capturing these quintessential moments in marketing is Marketoonist, a wildly popular cartoon series from veteran marketer Tom Fishburne. Your Ad Ignored Here collects nearly 200 of these hilarious and apt depictions of marketing life

Book Signings

Tom regularly include book signings in his keynote talks.  50 copies of “Your Ad Ignored Here” are included in every keynote event.

Illustrated Bestselling Business Books

In addition to "Your Ad Ignored Here", Tom has illustrated three business books with Deloitte: “Provoke” (Wall Street Journal Bestseller), “Detonate” (National Bestseller), and “Work Disrupted.”

Testimonials for Tom

“We’ve been collecting speaker evaluations since 2005 and Tom Fishburne was our highest rated speaker ever. He not only engaged and amused, but landed important lessons that stuck with people long after the day was done.”
Jennifer Nelson,
Johnson & Johnson
"Tom is a tremendously engaging speaker who not only delighted our audience with his witty insights, but also provided clear advice. We were hoping that Tom would excite and inspire our audience, and he did not disappoint."
Sarah Neels,
“Tom was our highest rated speaker for the entire event — universally received 5 out of 5 stars from every attendee who rated his session. A brilliant presentation that deftly mixed humor and insight to inspire the audience.”
Scott Brinker,

A few of the 200+ companies and conferences that have entrusted their audiences to Tom