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Tom speaks regularly as a Marketoonist about marketing and innovation, using cartoons and case studies to tell the story visually. The Huffington Post ranked his South By Southwest talk the third best of the conference out of 500. Please contact us if you’d like to add a cartoon-fueled talk to your next event. Tom delivers his message with a unique blend of humor and insight.

Sample Topics

1. Marketing Worth Sharing

There has never been a better time for marketing. New technologies give us an unparalleled opportunity to connect with our consumers. Marketing has evolved and Don Draper is no longer in charge. Yet, the big marketing idea matters more than the available technology. Technology can’t save a boring idea. But technology can amplify a remarkable idea. For more, see Tom’s keynote presentation at Google’s marketing conference and Bombardier Recreational Products.

1. Overcoming Idea Killers

Tom parodies innovation pitfalls and showcases how companies can foster creativity, avoid mediocrity, and create more remarkable products. Geek Squad described advertising as a “tax for unremarkable thinking.” The creative process shouldn’t end after the brainstorm, yet ideas often suffer a thousand cuts in the process of bringing them to life. He sheds light on the path of transforming ideas into new products and frame ways to build a culture that champions creativity and overcomes idea killers. For more, see Tom’s keynote presentations at Deutsch, Microsoft, and GOED Exchange.

3. David Within Goliath

Whether David against Goliath or David within Goliath, thinking as a challenger brand can create success against insurmountable odds. The key lies in changing the game and not playing by Goliath’s rules. For more, see Tom’s keynote presentations at Johnson & Johnson and Nestle Purina.

Sample Testimonials

“Tom was the keynote speaker at Google’s Think Branding, our annual thought leadership event for Brand Marketers. He is a tremendously engaging speaker who not only delighted our audience with his witty insights, but also provided clear advice on what makes ‘marketing worth sharing’. We were hoping that Tom would excite and inspire our audience, and he did not disappoint. We were thrilled to have him and so was our audience!” (Sarah Neels, Google)

“I invited Tom Fishburne to be a key note speaker at our 2011 Consumer Day event – a de facto kick off to our annual business planning process. His talk was to end the day – and he brought down the house! Entitled “Challenger Branding From Within” he inspired everyone with his personal (and very funny) take on how thinking as a challenger brand — even when you are working from within a corporate Goliath — can create success against insurmountable odds. His cartoons not only engaged and amused, but landed important lessons that stuck with people long after the day was done. Not only was the spontaneous feedback I got from the 400+ J&J marketers there great, but the hard metrics made it clear – Tom was the best rated speaker of the day, and for ANY Consumer Day since we started collecting metrics 5 years earlier.” (Jennifer Nelson, Johnson & Johnson)

“Tom Fishburne is by the far the best keynote speaker BRP has ever had the chance to welcome to the marketing annual forum. We’ve been doing the annual marketing forum for over 5 years now and had the chance to welcome many speakers from within and outside the company, but Tom has elevated our future expectations by making his presentation inspirational, insightful and very engaging. As the keynote speaker closing a full day of speakers, workshops and other activities, Tom was able to keep the audience captivated with genuine examples, funny tone and interacting with the crowd in a fluent way. The content of his presentation by itself is relevant and actual for any B2B or B2C organization and will come as a breath of fresh air. Hundred plus BRP attendees that were among the participants during Tom’s presentation unanimously felt inspired and would all recommend Tom Fishburne to anyone.” (Pierre-Luc Paiement, BRP)

“Tom recently presented to over 200 PepsiCo marketers and it was absolutely fantastic! It was exactly what we needed to get motivated and to become better marketers: some humor, drawing exercises, and one truly engaging speaker. Tom’s message and enthusiasm was well received by the entire audience as the positive feedback continues to roll in.” (Russ Fliegler, Pepsi)

“Tom was the inaugural featured speaker at the Nestle Purina CMO meeting and he set the benchmark very high. Through the use of insightful, clever cartoons, Tom challenged the group to be the David in the Goliath and market like a challenger brand. With multiple examples, he showed that being a challenger is a state of mind, not a state of market. His engaging style coupled with real life practical experience made for a truly inspirational dialogue.” (Patricia Erb, Nestle Purina PetCare)

“We were thrilled to have Tom Fishburne present at our recent industry conference. He provided the perfect mix of humor combined with company case studies and real-life examples that resonated with our audience, despite the fact that we had scientists and researchers as well as management and marketing executives in the crowd. The hands-on drawing workshop was also a big hit. One of our attendees said he wished the workshop went on for another hour.” (Ellen Schutt, GOED)

“Tom was by far the best speaker we have had on our programe to date. We gave a loose brief as to what we were looking for and Tom took that to another level and really brought the topic to life. His wealth of experience in the world of Marketing and brand building coupled with his infectious enthusiasm made for an unforgettable presentation. To sum-up in a word it was inspiring.” (Phil Edelston, Dylan)

“I thought Tom Fishburne was fantastic. I feel like he really ‘got’ us. It was both funny and thought-provoking – a difficult combination. The feedback from my team was really positive: several people described Tom as ‘inspirational’, several said that he was a ‘fantastic speaker’, and many said they enjoyed his presentation immensely.” (Jon Rudoe, Head of Brand, Ocado)

“A presentation by corporate product manager-turned-cartoonist Tom Fishburne captured the complex vibe of this week’s South by Southwest conference. The connection between drawing cartoons and innovation struck a chord among the eclectic mix of software developers, marketers, artists, PR pros and others attending SXSW.” (South-by-Southwest)