if kids designed the food pyramid


I drew this cartoon a while ago for Tanya Wenman Steel, editor at Epicurious.com.  Tanya was writing a children’s cookbook, called Real Food for Healthy Kids, and wanted a bit of humor in the book.  Anyway, her book just came out, and I was excited to see my cartoon popping up at Epicurious.com and even MSNBC.  Woo hoo.

It reminded me of my short-lived parenting cartoon I started in 2005 called Dadapalooza to capture some of the funny things about life with a toddler.  So, if you’re interested, I posted all 16 of those parenting cartoons here.



  1. Came across your site as I was doing research for a romance novel. Don’t want to give away the details (you know, because romance novel plots are so individual) but you have given me some food for thought about advertising. Thanks!

  2. meneame.net says:

    Si los niños diseñaran la Pirámide Alimentaria (Ing)

    [cp] If kids designed the food pyramid de Tom Fishburne, reflejando la Pirámide alimentaria que diseñaría un niño :-) Visto en: cgredan.blogspot.com/2008/09/si-los-nios-disearan-la-pirmide.html

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